Liv Elinor Studio

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About me

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Who's Liv Elinor?

I'm a Danish artist, designer and illustrator originally from Odense. These days I live on the Island of Amager in Copenhagen from where I run this little shop! I'm a big fan of tigers, k-pop and fruity desserts and I collect almost everything you can think of including toy food, plastic dinosaurs and green plants. On this page you can read more about me, my process and my future plans for this shop.

Products & Brands

Currently all the products on this shop is designed and made by me – from Big Mouth & Friends to K-puns and Imaginary Ice Creams. I've always loved cute, silly and weird stuff, so I wanted to create a shop with my own series of this category products. My plan for the future is to add curated products to the selection made by other artists and designers around the world.

My Process

I’m very inspired by contrasts in my creative work and in particular the spot where cuteness meets quirky and silly meets weird. In general I’m fascinated by unusual combinations, character design and storytelling. Experimentation and mixing different materials and art techniques is core to my process – whether I'm making sculptures, paintings or digital art.

Design Portfolio & Collaborations

If you’re interested in seeing some of my graphic design work or if you would like to hire me for a creative workshop, project or lecture etc. then head over to my portfolio site. Here you can find a list of the different services I offer. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email at if you want to collaborate.

Art Commissions

I accept art commissions if you want an art piece created uniquely for you. Whether it’s a painting, drawing, sculpture, tattoo, mural – you name it. Don’t be shy, send me an email at or give me a call. I would love to chat and hear about your idea.